They will keep winning the AFC and reaching Super Bowls as long as Brady can still play, and there’s little indication he’s going to slow down any time soon.

This is hardly the first time a coach and quarterback haven’t gotten along. John Elway and coach Dan Reeves despised each other but still went to three Super Bowls together. Terry Bradshaw hated Chuck Noll, and they won four titles.

Sanders issued a tweet in support of Haspel and rebuking her detractors on Capitol Hill late Saturday afternoon.

There is no one more qualified to be the first woman to lead the CIA than 30+ year CIA veteran Gina Haspel, she tweeted. Any Democrat who claims to support women’s empowerment and our national security but opposes her nomination is a total hypocrite.

Giuliani says Trump doesn’t have to comply with a Mueller subpoena and could invoke the Fifth Amendment

President Trump would not have to comply with a subpoena issued by the special counsel investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and could invoke the Fifth Amendment if he does sit down with him, one of his lawyers said Sunday.

Highsmith also admitted that he wasn’t a big fan of Josh Allen due to the quarterback’s inaccuracy. Since completing passes is 75 percent of a quarterback’s job, it makes sense that Highsmith didn’t want the Browns to take Allen.

When the topic of Josh Rosen came up, Highsmith hinted that Rosen dropped on his board because of a strange encounter that the Browns executive had with the UCLA volleyball team.

I was at an airport, Highsmith said. UCLA’s volleyball team was in front of me. You heard so much about Rosen. He’s this or that. We all know how people talk. So I asked one of the volleyball coaches, ‘What’s Rosen like?’ He said, ‘Aaaaa, you should probably ask his girlfriend. She’s one of the players. She’s over there.’ I’m like, ‘All right coach. That’s good enough.’

At that point, the story abruptly ends with Highsmith making a bizarre observation about Rosen completely based on his encounter with the UCLA coach.

I don’t know what all this means, but there was something about him that bothered me, Highsmith said.

So what exactly happened at the airport?tigers_052-115x115